The last few decades have brought amazing achievements in Child development research. We know more and more about the Child’s cognitive processes, the way the child learns and establishes bonds with their Closest Ones. The earliest experience is crucial in forming the Child’s personality, abilities and intelligence. Research institutions and renowned specialists have presented new methods of supporting a child’s development which have since then been verified by parents and teachers. Focusing the early stage of education on the child’s subjectivity, appreciating their individuality, catering for their emotional needs and providing excellent conditions for an untamed development of their potential have become fundamental values. This is how we work at Yoga Bear.

Our methods are based on:

  • mindfullness,
  • sensibility,
  • understanding.

We create a safe and caring space, where our Children are provided with the possibility of establishing their first relationships outside of their closest family. They have the chance to explore and discover the world around them, get new abilities and learn their capacities. We are not afraid of bonding and responding to the Children’s needs. We aid, assist and guide our Little Ones in growing up as safe, happy and active people.